Light Up Event Furniture Rental


Light Up Event Furniture Rental all over the state of Florida. We have one of the biggest inventories of light up furniture and glow decor items. Let Us help ILLUMINATE your party

Light Up Event Furniture Rental


Check out the video featured on this page, this was a GLOW 80’s theme party featuring a few of our Light up furniture and decor items. The client set up 9 VIP glow groupings that featured our glow sofas, light up benches and glow club chairs. Below view a photos of our glow light up […]

Light Up Event Furniture Rental


Planning an event and looking for a local company to help illuminate your party? Light Up Furniture Event Rental, a division of Chillounge Night and Florida Furniture Rental was created with the purpose of showcasing our NEON Light Up Furniture and  LED decor items. Located in the state of Florida and with 3 warehouses in […]

Light Up Furniture Rental


Light UP Furniture Rental Light UP your event with our cool, chic and contemporary line of LED/Light UP/Glow furniture and decor items. With warehouses located in Orlando, Sarasota and Miami we are able to serve all of Central Florida. We are Local and love to create experiences. LIGHT UP your event with our light up furniture! […]